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Food & Beverage

Food and beverage manufacturing facilities encompass a range of processing and non-processing areas, each presenting distinct challenges such as wet conditions, fluctuations in temperature, high levels  of traffic, and exposure to chemicals and corrosive substances. Consequently, every section within the facility necessitate the implementation of protective floor coating systems them comply with stringent hygiene and safety regulations, including local mandates and HACCP principles, while also possessing the capability to endure the unique conditions of the respective area.  Forintech offers an extensive assortment of specialty flooring coating systems explicitly tailored to address the requirements of all areas within the food and beverage processing environment.

beverage Floor.PNG
Forincrete SL_F_B.png

ForinCrete SL

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Forincrete AS1_F_B.png

ForinCrete AS1

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Forincrete MT_F_B.png

ForinCrete MT

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Forincrete HA_F_B.png

ForinCrete HA

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ForinCoat EP_F_B.png

ForinCoat EP

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Forincrete MF_F_B.png

ForinCrete MF

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Forincrete AS2_F_B.png

ForinCrete AS2

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Forincrete UD_F_B.png

ForinCrete UD

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Forincoat PU_F_B.png

ForinCoat PU

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Forincrete cove PU_F_B.png

ForinCrete Cove PU

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